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Sat, 10 Jul 1999 15:45:47 -0700

I picked up the July issue of Model Graphix because it has a Zaku II on the
cover ("The most famous MS of A [sic] Year War MS-06F 'Zaku-II'") and a
40-page Gundam feature on the inside.

But what really caught my attention was an item in the Headline Topics
section on page 2: Gundam Century OUT. This could be just a profile of the
classic book, by why put it in the "breaking news" section if it weren't
about to become generally available again? Alas, the only release date
info I can find is for the original Gundam Century: 1981.09 (1,800 yen).

Does anyone know if they're indeed reprinting Gundam Century and, if so, when?


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