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Dom Tetreault wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Jul 1999 16:43:26 EDT writes:
> > Yes, Table Top gaming. You write up stats for the models you're
> > going to use,
> > set up some terrain, brake out some dice and a tape measure or two,
> > and have
> > fun. Isn't that what everybody does with their models after they
> > build them?
> Mm. 'Scuse me for sticking my nose in, but is there a set of rules you
> use that I can take a look at? Piqued my interest here. {g} (I have about
> a million questions about this, but I'd rather look over the rules than
> bombard you with Q's.)
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> skeizer (the gnome)
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Many of us like to use Mekton, while others use another set of rules
called Mecha. Also, there's a web site that provides Gundam rules and
conversions into Silouette (the Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles system.)

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