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At 03:12 AM 7/10/99 , Edward Ju wrote:
>>It wasn't until much much later that I realize that none of the
>>Crossbones Gundam are armed with VSBR. Seabook even mentioned that
>>the CGs are designed for close combat only. I also failed to
>>understand the reasoning for not equipping X3 unit with Cross
>>Brand/Beam Shield.
>I think it was a matter of cost? Didn't their grunt suits also have no
>beam shield but instead wore lame cloaks instead?

Yet, the mass-produced version of Crossbones Gundam XM10 Flint (which
shows up in the middle of volume 6) does have Brand Mark/Beam Shield.
With X3 having that big sword (which probably cost more than the beam
shield), I don't think X3 is meant to be a grunt MS. Actually the
Pirate's grunt MS prior to Flint does have Beam Shield, just not the
offense/defense nature of Brand Mark.

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