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> Mm. 'Scuse me for sticking my nose in, but is there a set of rules you
> use that I can take a look at? Piqued my interest here. {g} (I have about
> a million questions about this, but I'd rather look over the rules than
> bombard you with Q's.)
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> skeizer (the gnome)

I like to use either Mekton Zeta (Atomic Rocket Games) or Mecha! (Seventh
Street Games) rules for table top gaming with models. Mecha! is better suited
for actual game play, but its construction system leaves much to be desired.
Mekton Zeta, on the other hand, has a fantastic construction system, but a
less defined table top gaming system.

One system I am looking into for gaming with Gundam models is Silhouette,
from Dream Pod 9. It uses a more abstract construction system mated to a very
realistic 3D gaming system. I have yet to try it out, but it looks very good.
I would suggest getting the Jovian Chronicles rule book if you do not already
have it. The universe is extremely Gundam based, but very distinct in its own
right. And it contains all of the construction and gaming rule you will need
for 3D table top, and/or roll-playing in the Gundam universe.


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