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Spoilers Ahead

Just finish reading Crossbones Gundam, and Mark Simmon's comparison
to Captain Harlock is quite warranted. The most outrageous item in
it must be "Mother Vanguard", a space ship shaped like a 18 century
pirate ship, with sails that's actually a Minovsky drive system
similiar to that of V2 Gundam. This gies the "pirates" tremedous
speed advantage compared to Jupitor 9 of Jupitor Empire.

The bits about Seabook going up against F91 again is quite amusing.

It wasn't until much much later that I realize that none of the
Crossbones Gundam are armed with VSBR. Seabook even mentioned that
the CGs are designed for close combat only. I also failed to
understand the reasoning for not equipping X3 unit with Cross
Brand/Beam Shield. I mean, this adoptation of beam shield into a
offense/defense unit is quite interesting, and replacing it with
I-Field generator with limited capability is quite unreasonable.
Also the large multi-stage beam sword X3 is using is also kind of stupid.

That aside, none of the Jupitor Empire's MS/MA impress me at all.
Crossbones Gundam, based on the design of F91 is a very versital MS
that has more close quarter combat adoptation than any other Gundam I
have seen. It is certaintly the only Gundam to have 4 different kind
of stabbing weapons, 2 beam saber, 1 beam zanber (large beam blade),
2 beam shield/brand marker (beam shield that can also turn into a
short beam dagger), and 2 heat dagger. And it uses them all.

Also on the topic of manga, how many volumes of 0079 are there? I
just bought volume 6 in Chinese, and they are no where near done yet.

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