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At 11:15 PM 7/9/99 , Stuart Ng wrote:
>This is another thing of why I'm confused. XD I thought they were bits
>well until when in some games they called them funnels. I don't
>if CCA for the PSX called everything funnels, but then I do remember
>in Battle Master 2...for every remote attack that used the psycho frame
>announcer said "funnel attack!". Then there are some info sites that
>them funnels...etc... However, I do remember reading Federick's
>novel of Tomino's 0079 and there he called them bits. I kinda trust the
>translation more. :)

There is a very dinstinct difference between funnels and bits. Both bits
and funnels are psycommu remote drones, with manuevering thrusters and
beam cannon. The difference is that bits is self powered, and carries
its own Minovsky generator. Funnels, is powered by a rechargable E-Cap,
and must be recharge after the charge expires.

And as I remembered, the only fin funnel (so call due to its shape) is Nu

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