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>BTW, why isn't Bandai putting out more UC related Gundam? Do they have
>copyright problem or something?

Sunrise, not Bandai, is the corporate entity responsible for the anime.

About five years ago, Sunrise embarked along a threefold path that has led
us to where we are today. First, they decided to produce a new Gundam show
each year, every year. Second, they decided that the UC timeline was mined
out and was not only failing to bring in new viewers but failing to hold
the old ones. Third, they decided that one Gundam wasn't enough and made
every mobile suit in the show a Gundam, arrayed against a team of heroic
Gundams, then backed off slightly and went with just the Gundam Go Team.

The key to all of this is audience. Japan discovered that there was a
large and untapped audience of young girls who would part with their money
just as willingly as the boys, but not for the same merchandise and not
with the old formula. They've been doing a juggling act, trying to entice
the new audience without alienating the old. That attempt to keed the old
fans, combined with 20th Anniversary nostalgia, has been behind what One
Year War stuff we've been getting recently.


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