Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 18:07:06 PDT

> >The short story that features the G-3 and the Z-Gustav at the end of
> >the manga is probably my favorite work by Kondo. Reminiscent of
> >Katoki's manga work.
> >
> >Mark Kai
>Reminiscent of Katoki? Was Katoki doing Gundam manga during the Z/ZZ era?
>He may very well have been, but the only artist I heard about back in the
>late 80s was Kondo(not including the modelers, of course). While I'm
>certain others were doing Z/ZZ Gundam manga, I was under the impression
>that Katoki was "90s" phenomenon.

I was just comparing Katoki's realistic manga art in the Sentinal book
to Kondo's short story.

Mark Kai

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