Mark Kuettner (
Fri, 09 Jul 1999 14:21:45 PDT

> Hmmmm...please define. I don't know what makes the French curve.
> Kidding aside, then that would make the TurnA androgynous, considering how
>its thighs are constructed., same argument for the Gelgoog and the F91.
>I've heard the Qubeley/Cybele was very feminine, but what makes it so?

The Qubeley has a very organic look, with long sweeping curves. It
doesn't scream "girl suit", but the curves make it much more feminine
than, say, the Dom.

>also, taking a look at the Gerbera tetra, the only thing which makes it
>look female is if you know that the pilot is Cima herself...a friend of
>mine who knew nothing of gundam said it looked like a macho suit (which
>says a lot about Cima, I believe...).

I think the priority was to make it look more menacing than female,
to reflect Cima's personality.

  Surprisingly, he said that it was
>the Zeta which looked like a female.

The long skirt armor, bright colors and sleek shape of the Z could
give this impression...

Mark Kai

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