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> How long do you usually have to wait for them to dry? Do you use a wet
> to clean them off, or do they just smear off?

I'd say about 10 to 20 minutes to dry to be handled. But, I usually gave it
about an hour to dry thoroughly. I didn't order the ones for panel lines, so
I'm not too sure how the panel line Gundam markers do. I haven't tried
cleaning the paint off, but I'd say they should be fairly easy to clean off,
if you make a panel line or painting mistake, if caught before the marker
starts to dry. When I get some more money, I am going to buy the Gundam
markers for the panel lines. The Gundam markers are decent but don't take the
place of a good paint job, but they work fine for 1/144 scale Gundam kits and
small areas. But, with a little practice, the paint job with a Gundam marker
could look good. I suggest that you steer clear of the white one, I used the
white on the Turn A Gundams feet, and they look like white out was used on
them. A primer could solve this, I think/hope. If not, I'll stick to regular
white paint, to paint white areas.


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