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> Hi,
> This is something that been bothering me for a while... I used to know
> what a Gundam is since I been a Gundam fan for over 12 years... I used to
> think that a Gundam anime is a mecha show with 1) robot with v-shaped
> antenna on it's head, 2) conflict between spacenoids and the earth people,
> 3) UC timeline, and 4) there's no good or evil, etc... I used to enjoy
> Gundam, but I'm getting tire of all the alternative timeline Gundam. It's
> like calling any space related movies Star Wars movie or another way of
> making quick money. It's not that I don't enjoy the new shows, but it's
> just doesn't have that original Gundam feeling to it. Maybe I'll enjoy it
> a little more if they call it something else. For example: Turn-A Gundam
> doesn't even look like a Gundam design. Anyway, how would you define what
> Gundam is( the show, not the mecha)?
> BTW, why isn't Bandai putting out more UC related Gundam? Do they have
> copyright problem or something?
> axis

I've always felt that what makes a Gundam show "Gundam" was the storyline of
man vs man in combat, making the horror of war felt by the audience, and set
in a background that includes gigantic piloted robots in which the primary
robot of the show is for one reason or another called "Gundam." I see this
definition fitting with everything that has been produced under the name
Gundam, be it shows, movies, novels, games, or what have you. In this case,
Wing, X, G, and Turn A are all Gundam shows just as much as 08th, 0080, 0083,
Z, ZZ, CCA, F91, and V are as conpared to the original Mobile Suit Gundam
series. I see the Universal Century as an on going setting, and the alternate
universes as different settings covering the same subject matter. We in the
US have a popular media that is comparable to Gundam in the form of Dungeons
& Dragons and other roleplaying games. When looked at through the eyes of a
gamer, Gundam and all of its alternate universes is no different from D&D and
its Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Dark Suns, Plainscape, and Dragonlance
settings. The same subject matter under the same name, but with different
settings that explore other aspects of the original premise. Just like Gundam.

I guess what I'm saying is don't reduce Gundam to just UC. Let it grow to
cover all aspects of its saga in other settings, other times, and through the
eyes of different artists and audiences. Keep Gundam bigger than it is by not
reducing it down to want you feel is comfortable for just you. Others will
enjoy many things you do not when it comes to Gundam, just as you will enjoy
many things that others won't. Let Gundam be for everyone who wants it, with
no limitations set.


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