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Shinji Ikari wrote:
> I've been looking around the net, for the past week, for any GUNDAM links, I
> have found some websites, but they are all Gundam Wing related and when they
> give info, they give the boring: height, eye-color, race, age, ect, ect!
> Does anyone know of any GOOD gundam link??/ Wing releted or not? Iam looking
> for fanart, doujinshi, image gallary, CD reviews and FANFICS, most have
> Gundam FANFICS! Help! Oh, and about Quatre, are there any shrines on the
> net, devoted to him???
> Shinji Ikari

The Gundam Project is a comprehensive site devoted to all Gundam, at

The Mecha Domain has the specs of just about every MS ever done for any
of the shows:

Gundam: High Frontier is a lengthy, but very readable essay about the
physics of the colonies, as well as what life might be within one.

Anaheim Electronics Online is a site with all sorts of Gundam

Anime Web Turnpike has a collection of Gundam links you might want to
look at, although most of them have gotten to be Wing links.

Gundam Imperium is a wonderfully concieved Alternate Universe take on
the UC Mecha and Characters:

And last, but not least, Gundam 0085, Rise of the Titans is concieved as
a beginner's guide to Gundam, designed for people getting into gaming in
Gundam via the internet, and wanting to know more. (Admittedly, as 0085
is my site, I'm a touch biased.)

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