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<<I've been waiting for this question :), as I just received 8 of them from
HLJ. They work really well for small places. They can get in most crevices,
if you work with the marker and push the tip down on the surface to be
painted to get more paint out of the marker. They work okay for big area's,
but the marker applies the paint thin, so I suggest to either use primer
first or be prepared to apply several coats of the marker, which looks fine,
I haven't tried primer, yet. The finish is durable and is a sorta of semi
gloss, which looks fine and isn't too shiny, nor too dull, this finish looks
great on a Gundam. HLJ seems to always have a few of the colors out of stock,
the colors that are out of stock are different everytime. I.E. one time red
is in stock, while blue isn't and vice-versa. Try this site also:

I'll gladly answer any other questions you may have about the markers. The
Pigma Micron pens are kinda erasable if you catch your mistake real quick,
but are a pain to erase. If anyone knows of any other pen that works good for
panel lines, but is even temporarily erasable, I'd like to know too.

 How long do you usually have to wait for them to dry? Do you use a wet cloth
to clean them off, or do they just smear off?


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