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>Has anyone considered the fact the Nina and Gato may have only dated >a few
>times before Gato got pulled from Von Braun City to fight at >Solomon?
>Maybe it's time they spent apart that cause the confusion. >(Yes, I do
>understand that the Nina-Gato relationship was most >likely an after
>thought, but this could explain it in retrospect.)

Well, part of the reason why I feel the Nina-Gato relationship is a add-on
is because of the characters themselves. One very arguement is, if either
Nina or Gato dated 10 partners in the series, I guess I will not question
whether they have dated. Because by then, either of them will treat their
partners as a special person. Or, taking the Nina-Kou relationship as an
example, I think Nina has to know a person after a while before she wants to
go into a relationship.

Judging from the way Nina treats Kou, I do not think Nina dates different
boyfriends very often. Furthermore, if Gato is that kind of person, I find
it hard to believe he will follow his belief that strongly. I believe that
people dating different partner frequently is partly because they do not
want to be controlled by anything. By not staying in a relationship long
enough, neither side of the relationship has to be responsible for whatever
happens. Yet, a man, who risk his life to run into the crashing abondened
colony for making the final ajudgement, is obviously willing to be
controlled by his belief. Therefore, since neither Nina nor Kato is
frequently-change-date person, I think they should have a stronge relatship
(if there is any).

Of course, all these arguement are based on the assumption: people do not
change their personalities. Nobody knows whether Nina or Kato has changed.
And who knows what happened before the story started? Maybe, Nina was a man
(before SOME operation) and was interested in Kato. Kato was afraid and ran
into Zeta to avoid her/him. (Just kidding, don't take it as an arguemnt,


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