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<< I think we might have gone over this before but....
 In the original series, the Zeon ranks all seemed to be army-style ranks -
 Colonel Char Aznabel, Major Johnny Ridden, etc.
 But in Viz's translation of 0083 at least, Zeon officers are given naval
 ranks - Lt.Commander Anavel Gato, Petty Officer Karius and so forth. Is this
 just a translation thing, or is it actually a difference say, between the
 Mobile Assault Force and the Delaz Fleet ?
 Also, does anyone have a decent colour picture of Bright Noah (preferably
 from the original series or from Z or ZZ) that you can send me ?
 Gundam Imperium: >>

This is really just a translation thing, as the Japanese use the same words
to refer to the ranks of people in the land, air and naval forces. (I am only
familiar with the officer ranks)

Japanese Navy
Army/Air Force

Sho-i = Ensign
Second Lieutenant
Chu-i = Lieutenant (Junior Grade) First Lieutenant
Tai-i = Lieutenant

Sho-sa = Lieutenant Commander Major
Chu-sa = Commander Lieutenant
Tai-sa = Captain Colonel

Sho-sho = Rear Admiral Major General
Chu-sho = Vice Admiral Lieutenant General
Tai-sho = Admiral

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