Fri, 9 Jul 1999 03:58:50 EDT

> > 1) robot with v-shaped
> > antenna on it's head, 2) conflict between spacenoids and the earth
> > 3) UC timeline, and 4) there's no good or evil,
> Hmm.....let's see, all the alternate Universe ones have V fin on it's
> conflict b/t Space and earth(except G, and in X this takes place before
> main story), and there's is no good or evil applies to G and W, haven't
>enough of X to comment...Even Turn A fits 3 of the categories you
> stated...I'm just joking here ^_^

Woops that shoudl've been Turn-A fits 2 of the categories....
> But seriously, everyone here on the list will have different opinions
> of What exactly is Gundam, or to put it simply, what makes Gundam work for
> you? some are very against the Alternate Line, and some are not.
> I came are cross a Great article written by a taiwanese Gundam fan
> on the chinese Gundam Crazy research lab, I thought it delt very well with
> the problems you mentioned, and I'm glad Newtype asylum has translated it
> into English. Please go read the English translation at:
> http://side7.gundam.com/newtype_asylum/mania/yoko.htm

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