Fri, 9 Jul 1999 03:47:43 EDT

> 1) robot with v-shaped
> antenna on it's head, 2) conflict between spacenoids and the earth people,
> 3) UC timeline, and 4) there's no good or evil,

Hmm.....let's see, all the alternate Universe ones have V fin on it's head,
conflict b/t Space and earth(except G, and in X this takes place before the
main story), and there's is no good or evil applies to G and W, haven't seen
enough of X to comment...Even Turn A fits 3 of the categories you
stated...I'm just joking here ^_^

        But seriously, everyone here on the list will have different opinions
of What exactly is Gundam, or to put it simply, what makes Gundam work for
you? some are very against the Alternate Line, and some are not.
     I came are cross a Great article written by a taiwanese Gundam fan back
on the chinese Gundam Crazy research lab, I thought it delt very well with
the problems you mentioned, and I'm glad Newtype asylum has translated it
into English. Please go read the English translation at:

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