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>This is something that been bothering me for a while... I used to know
>what a Gundam is since I been a Gundam fan for over 12 years... I used to

>think that a Gundam anime is a mecha show with 1) robot with v-shaped
>antenna on it's head, 2) conflict between spacenoids and the earth people,

>3) UC timeline, and 4) there's no good or evil, etc... I used to enjoy
>Gundam, but I'm getting tire of all the alternative timeline Gundam. It's
>like calling any space related movies Star Wars movie or another way of
>making quick money. It's not that I don't enjoy the new shows, but it's
>just doesn't have that original Gundam feeling to it. Maybe I'll enjoy it
>a little more if they call it something else. For example: Turn-A Gundam
>doesn't even look like a Gundam design. Anyway, how would you define what
>Gundam is( the show, not the mecha)?

I know what you mean...I got into gundam about eight years ago, and I dunno,
it just seems so...diverse that that certain identity is lost. Admittedly,
it could be that the old-timers among us need that sense of identity, which
sometimes leads to a refusal to see new stuff -- or a difficulty at the very
least. I've come to accept the AC stuff for what it is: both an experiment
in stretching the theme and as merchandising schticks. IN effect, I think we
have to admit that it simply comes down to the fact that gundam in whatever
far out form will make money for Bandai, so they will go for all this stuff.

>BTW, why isn't Bandai putting out more UC related Gundam? Do they have
>copyright problem or something?
> axis

I dunno, I mean it's certainly proven that side stories can always be fitted
into various parts of the timeline, they just need a lot of continuity directors
working where previously created characters are or where they're supposed to
show up, and then there is the need to make sure that no out-of-continuity MS
is walking around...unless you do a cop-out like what they did to the 0083 MS.
 I wish bandai would actually hire some of us fans to be their continuity dircetors,
"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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