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>> Well, aside from having the nice thing of getting a good mecha
>>designer to
>>redo the MS designs, it also means MORE MONEY from more kits!
>Richie got it right... the only reason is Mo' Money and Mo' Money for Bandai.

>They don't even tried to justify why every Gundam looks different now.
>How's that for insulting the people who hand the money over anyway?

I would do the same thing too, in Bandai's shoes...milk every product for all
it's worth -- however, I would also see to it they don't get too sick of what
I'm doing...there are limits after all...It would have been smarter for bandai
to have made upgrade kits for the more exotic variants available in plastic
injection...the sales would have been a lot, since people would also be able
to custom modify their kits by mixing parts. Also, I think some weapons packs
should have been in order, and then come out rather simple base kits, which
would have been a nice touch for the purists...I dunno, I may be wrong in this
assessment, but I would have bought that sort of stuff...of course, a little
more and this would have been like the GIjoe/Starwars accesories packs...
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