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j ridden wrote:
> Ive noticed that most Gundam/GM's seem to be right handed with the
> shield in the left and the gun in the right. So am i to figure that all
> the gundam pilots are right handed? Surely thats not the case. I figure
> if I was a lefty I would certainly want the gun in my left hand and the
> shield in the other, just to be. I have seen alot of the Gundam world
> and have yet to see a lefty suit. Any comments?
> metareyes
The only MS that I've ever seen that would have specifically been right
handed was the Gundam Leopard in Gundam X. Just because a MS is
portrayed like this doesn't mean that they all have to be in this
configuration. Also remember that the majority of people are right
handed. On the other hand (ouch!,) only left handed people are in their
right minds.

        Chris, who certainly isn't in HIS right mind... Enough of the
off-handed comments... :-)

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