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>> To prove desertion, a court would need evidence of intent to quit
>> permanently and not just for such time as it took to mull things over.
>> Obtaining false ID would be such evidence, as would fleeing the country
>> (meaning the area over which the military has jurisdiction -- Amuro would
>> have to either leave the planet or take up residence in Zeon occupied
>> territory to qualify for this) or taking citizenship in another country,
>> especially one without extradition agreements.
>Wrong. AWOL is proven when a person just isn't were they are supposed to be
>when head count is taken. Regardless of circumstances, being Absent With Out
>Leave is always still AWOL. Your reasons may change your final fate, but you
>are still AWOL.

If you will reread the first three words of the first sentence in the
paragraph that you quoted, you'll see that I was talking about the proof
for desertion, not AWOL, which, as you noted, can be cited for simply being
out of position.

By the way, I've translated the title of 08th MS Team 5 alternativley as
"AWOL" and "Curfew Violation" instead of the more literal "Broken Order to
Stay" and I'll be interested in what Sunrise finally uses for the official
English title.


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