Ranma Saotome (ranma1-2@sonic.net)
Thu, 8 Jul 99 11:54:38 -0800

>I don't know, it's still published (We in Italy read the manga almost as
>soon is published in Japan). Actually Makishima can steal with his
>willpower the Guyver Gigantic (the giant armor of the Guyver I created
>from the remains of the alien ark) from Sho transforming it in the
>Gigantic Dark. Aptom is allied with the Guyver squad, the resistance
>group of Makishima creates brief-life new Lost Numbers to fight the now
>world dominating Chronos. In the last number we understand that the
>alien Uranus, our creators, tried to destroy us with a planet (they
>considered the humans as a failed experiment because if they wear the
>G-Unit their mind control is ineffective) but Alkampfer, the supreme
>Zoalord, avoided it, destroying the falling object (Yeeesss, it was
>really supereroic). Now Alkampfer, after thousands years of sleep, wants
>to rejoin with his former masters maybe to avenge himself

They stopped publishing it here. The only way I can see the new stuff is
the trade paperbacks I get at babbages or the local comic shop. I can't
read it, but the art is still good. They last guyver comic we got was

    - Ranma Saotome

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