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> Ovoid or Hourglass shapes prevent eddies from forming along the fuselage
> surface. Eddies in airflow cause instability and loss of control in
> high-speed/high-preformance aircraft. by taking in the sides of a hypersonic
> jet fighter, you gain stability at supersonic speeds without losing needed
> instability at lower combat speeds. Taking out the side does the same thing.
> It's keeping the sides of the fuselage in a straight line that causes
> problems. And of course, this nothing to do with humanoid shape that just
> isn't feasible as a hypersonic vehicle, anyway.
> SJ

I know that, it was just that the implication of connecting jet shapes to
coke bottles to Marilyn Monroe to feminine seeming jets seems a little too
far fetched to me. Wind tunnel testing will determine the best shape and
I notice that most jets have the sides taken in some but not in the Monroe
proportions. The old WWII planes had a more graceful, curvy design to them
but then they weren't supersonic.


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