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> I don't know about mech designs that don't actually have to operate in the
> real world but I don't think a coke bottle shape is the ideal wind tunnel
> shape for getting the most out of a jet's performance and I'm sure style
> played nothing next to getting it to handle better or fly faster. I see
> nothing curvy or feminine in the F-4, that's for sure. Slight curves in
> the F-16 but it's mostly a dart. The F-14 and A-6 are far curvier.
> Alfred.

Ovoid or Hourglass shapes prevent eddies from forming along the fuselage
surface. Eddies in airflow cause instability and loss of control in
high-speed/high-preformance aircraft. by taking in the sides of a hypersonic
jet fighter, you gain stability at supersonic speeds without losing needed
instability at lower combat speeds. Taking out the side does the same thing.
It's keeping the sides of the fuselage in a straight line that causes
problems. And of course, this nothing to do with humanoid shape that just
isn't feasible as a hypersonic vehicle, anyway.


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