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>In a recent series "Martian Sucessor Nadesico", a rookie mecha pilot was
>force by his training partner (who is a '70s Super Robot otaku" to call out
>his shots and moves...

we have this joke:

The Voltes V team was about to transform into the big robot. All the five
vehicles were lining up in a V formation (what else) and beginning to link
up when the main pilot (called steve in the Phil) suddenly goes "WAIT! We
forgot something!" he presses a button, screams "LET"S...VOLT...IN!"
Suddenly the tape player in his vehicle starts playing the theme
song....whew, that was important!

        Anyway, tha practice does date back I think to the old Japanese theater
stuff. It's pretty nice though, since I used to imagine it as a kid.
        NOthing beats visuals, too...I remember when Mazinger went up afgainst
Garada...and he just unleashes his bad breath from Hell attack, and
suddenly Garada gets turned into so much metallic ash. Listerine anyone?

        Sorry, am rambling again.

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