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>ok, I also forgot to ask, what about 08th ms team kits?
>I really like them but how high to they come out to be, also are they worth


The rx78G (did I get that right?) is pretty good, and I like the
construction a lot, except that I find the folding knee flapd...weird.
Another thing I found nice about it wasd the options for the ear parts, as
well as the relative size of it...damn close to the HG 1/144 kit!

The Ez8 was a bit too off, for me, it literallt is a cross between a GM and
a Gundam prototype. once again the knee things are kinda useless, as is
the parachute pack. I like the big gun it has, though.

The GM is a keeper....Excellent weapons to go with it, and is eminently

The Zaku is a scaled down MG. and I like it for the sheer coolness of it,
but I wish it had the modernized headspike to go with it.

The Goufs are the BEST. I have me two of the Customs and two of the flight
types. And it's not the Gatling Superguns I'm after, it's the sheer
coolness of the kits...very nice proportions!

BTW, the proprotions go well with the 0080 Doms...and the look isn't far
from each other, so it's pretty nice! The 0080 GM's are another matter
entirely when stuck with the 08ms stuff.

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