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> Hmmmm...please define. I don't know what makes the French curve.
> Kidding aside, then that would make the TurnA androgynous,
considering how
> its thighs are constructed., same argument for the Gelgoog and the F91.
> I've heard the Qubeley/Cybele was very feminine, but what makes it so?
> also, taking a look at the Gerbera tetra, the only thing which makes it
> look female is if you know that the pilot is Cima herself...a friend of
> mine who knew nothing of gundam said it looked like a macho suit (which
> says a lot about Cima, I believe...). Surprisingly, he said that it was
> the Zeta which looked like a female.

The longer, thinner line structures are one feminine aspect, while graceful
curves are another. The Gerbera is quite feminine in its own way, as are the
Qubeley/cybele. Each has curved surfaces that blend the over all look of
their bodies. As to the Zeta, it has a very long, thin structure that is
reminiscent of international super models. Another way of looking at the idea
of feminine styled vehicles is the F-4 and the F-16. Both use a "coke-bottle"
shaped fuselage that is based on the Marilyn Monroe's famous figure. It's
this essential hourglass figure that defines these vehicles as being

In the end, it's up to the eye of the beholder.


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