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> Nightingale wrote:
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> >> know wot u meant, Richie. If anyone have ever watch
> > the very first "Mazinger" or "Getter" TV series, with
> > all those 'super-heated flame', 'sulphuric acid wind',
> > 'super ax', and so on being shouted before every
> > attack, you will understand why Gundam 0079 is so
> > attractive (I am one of the converted). Gato's battle
> > cry, compares to the above, is really nothing to it :)
> >
> Here in Italy we watched almost all the '70 and '80 robots.
> Many Italian
> boys grow up crying "Raggio Protonico!" or "Maglio Perforante!".
> Actually the war cries is part our youth. In Gureto Majinger tai
> Grendizer Koji Kabuto explains that the robots are partially voice
> controlled so the war cries are nothing more than commands.
> What a lousy
> excuse...

In a recent series "Martian Sucessor Nadesico", a rookie mecha pilot was
force by his training partner (who is a '70s Super Robot otaku" to call out
his shots and moves...

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