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> What is the best kit for mg, w, or x, for a dedicated g-wing fan, also one
> that transforms and is cheep is the best, Also how do I find out what
> shipping charges are for HLJ, I want to get the best recomended kit from
> them.
>Well I don't know of any MG kit that would be good for a wing fan so I'd
>to say check out the Wing mecha if that is really what you want. Otherwise
>get any of the MG's they are all good in their own ways.

        Hmmmm. Wing? I would recommend the EW stuff for sheer good construction
and nice designs, no matter how far-out they get (case in point is the
WG0C). For cheap, i would suggest the EW 1/144 kits. I have never liked
the GW kits, since they are really so...squat, as compared to the anime.
        X? I would go for the Airmaster and upgraded Burst in 1/100. Very nice
proportions, and it actually has a Macross feel to it while still owing up
to its gundam heritage by having Zeta-ish legs. The Gundam X-divider in
1/100 is also good, but the XX is clunky in 1/100 scale...DO NOT GET THE
G-FALCON AND XX. I regret buying the thing...though admittedly it does
look cool by taking up a lot of SPACE. Don't get the 1/144 stuff, they suck.
        Oh yeah, get the 1/100 Virsago. Very nice and scary to look at.

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