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>> YOU BETCHA! although now I am thoroughly impressed by the soundtrack of
>Man, who wouldn't be...

        Aye, It was so good I got all the four cd versions of the soundtrack, as
well as the whole thing on tape (subbed officially of course). It's quite
an engrossing tale, although it started off as a somewhat El-hazardish thing.
        Now, to link it to gundam...WHYARE ALL THE NEW LEAD GUYS BEGINNING TO LOOK
ALIKE? I mean, Heero and Van (or Burne, depending on who you listen to)
look the same, they even act the same this a thing going on
with Bandai? A love for wildhaired little big-eyed boys? Even Amuro
qualifies, though his hair is eau de '70's.
        And what's with Blondies? Allen and Char! major HMMMMMM.

        However, I like their take on Magical Mecha...though admittedly, I'm about
to be part of a Rifts campaign where Macross/escaflowne/Gundam and
El-Hazard's getting pretty funny! I get to be the gundam
guy...and my biggest problem is MAINTENANCE! LOL! There I am running
around with an MS while waist high Melefs are slugging it out with
me...guess who's the biggest target in the arena?

        Which brings me to another point: Why was time on "realistic" paint
jobs...I mean no offense, realistic paint jobs are way cool, but how do you
make jungle patterns on something that's taller than the trees? or make
Disruptive camo patterns on something that is being targetted and seen
through computer computers anyway?
        And the next: has there ever been a Gundam with moular swap out body
parts? I'm not talking about teh kits here, but in the canon itself...was
tehre any MS designed to have field-interchangeable stuff so that it could
adapt to various field conditions as seen fit? cause so far what I see is
a lot of modified suits sent to whre they would do best.

        Just asking...

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