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Ranma Saotome wrote:
> >Well, in later volumes Sho almost disappears from the scene and all the
> >story
> >becomes more decentralized. Agito becomes the major player in the
> >resistance group aganist Chronos.
> Wow, Iv'e only got the rirst couple volumes,1-4. I'm hoping to get the
> rest as soon as my local comic shop will order them. Does the series end
> all right?
I don't know, it's still published (We in Italy read the manga almost as
soon is published in Japan). Actually Makishima can steal with his
willpower the Guyver Gigantic (the giant armor of the Guyver I created
from the remains of the alien ark) from Sho transforming it in the
Gigantic Dark. Aptom is allied with the Guyver squad, the resistance
group of Makishima creates brief-life new Lost Numbers to fight the now
world dominating Chronos. In the last number we understand that the
alien Uranus, our creators, tried to destroy us with a planet (they
considered the humans as a failed experiment because if they wear the
G-Unit their mind control is ineffective) but Alkampfer, the supreme
Zoalord, avoided it, destroying the falling object (Yeeesss, it was
really supereroic). Now Alkampfer, after thousands years of sleep, wants
to rejoin with his former masters maybe to avenge himself
Bye, Vincenzo

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