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>> Speaking of Zeta, has anyone seen a model of it? I've been looking all
>> over,
>> and I have yet to find someone selling it. I even tried at Otakon, and
>> nobody
>> had any.
>> Linwood Foster, The_Sentinel@Gundam.Com
>Be careful about the MG Zeta, Linwood. It's a nice looking kit, but
>there are a lot of problems with it, specifically in the
>transformation. (I've basically just decided to give it up, and glue
>mine permanantly into MS mode, then get one of the old 1/100 Zetas to
>build permanantly in wave rider.)

        It's a nice kit, Lin, but i agree with the previous is
fragile to say the least. The transformation is very impressive, but also
very fragile. the wing connectors are the main weak point. also, while it
gives the impression of being very poseable for a transforming kit, this is
only true of the arms...the legs are still dicey at best when being posed;
the main problems being the side skirts are connected to the top of the
hip, and the fact that there is no waist joint to help give the robot a
more human stance. If you want to glue it but not permanently, once again,
it's white glue to the rescue.

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