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>> There was one episoide where it happened, because they had a
flying enemy.
>> she had experimental missiles on her which she fired in Mazinger's general
>> direction. He grabbed hold of both and pressed a button on them (I KID YOU
>> NOT) and they activated and off he went flying while holding on to
>> Aphrodite's err, assets. Why it was never censored here in the Philippines
>> I'll never know. Even as a kid I knew it was wayyyyyyyweirdddddd.
>Wierd, yes. But very much in keeping with Go Nagai's mindset...

        Well it was pretty erotic, sorta, for the time. If I remember correctly,
also, Grendizer's crotchplate was also a missile launcher. I guess the
TurnA's core fighter crotch is just the latest in weird stuff.
        btw, I think the mobile kapool's codpiece is pretty hilarious...

        Goood question: Aside from making it obviously female, like the Nobel
Gundam, what would define an MS in the Gundam Universe (AC and UC) as
Female or feminine?

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