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>>Unfortunately, neither the B-Club not Hobby Japan appearences give any
>>data. It does appear to be a more "coventional" version of the
>>Nightingale(an MA based on the Sazabi),
>Yeah, the head is very Sazabi-ish, but it definitely is NOT the

In case I mistyped it, I was trying to imply that the Drei-G came before
the Sazabi, although that's just a guess..

>however I'm sure the Drei-G didn't
>>come first. I might be able to tell you more in a few days, I've got some
>>Kondo Gundam-books on the way(including, I believe, the side-story you
>The short story that features the G-3 and the Z-Gustav at the end of
>the manga is probably my favorite work by Kondo. Reminiscent of
>Katoki's manga work.
>Mark Kai

Reminiscent of Katoki? Was Katoki doing Gundam manga during the Z/ZZ era?
He may very well have been, but the only artist I heard about back in the
late 80s was Kondo(not including the modelers, of course). While I'm
certain others were doing Z/ZZ Gundam manga, I was under the impression
that Katoki was "90s" phenomenon.


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