Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 21:36:39 PDT

> >The G-3 mobile armor by Kondo...does anyone have any info on this? It
> >makes a brief appearance in a short Zeta side story manga I had, but
> >that's the only appearance of it I'm aware of...looks like a cross
> >between the Sazabi and the Quebley...
> >
> >Mark Kai
>Unfortunately, neither the B-Club not Hobby Japan appearences give any
>data. It does appear to be a more "coventional" version of the
>Nightingale(an MA based on the Sazabi),

Yeah, the head is very Sazabi-ish, but it definitely is NOT the

however I'm sure the Drei-G didn't
>come first. I might be able to tell you more in a few days, I've got some
>Kondo Gundam-books on the way(including, I believe, the side-story you

The short story that features the G-3 and the Z-Gustav at the end of
the manga is probably my favorite work by Kondo. Reminiscent of
Katoki's manga work.

Mark Kai

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