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> What is the best kit for mg, w, or x, for a dedicated g-wing fan, also one
> that transforms and is cheep is the best, Also how do I find out what
> shipping charges are for HLJ, I want to get the best recomended kit from
> them.

For Wing kits:
 <A HREF="">Wing Gundam Zero
</A> (1500 yen), <A
HREF="">Wing Gundam
</A> (1500 yen), and
<A HREF="">Wing Gundam Zero
</A> (2000 yen).

For X kits:
 <A HREF="">Gundam Airmaster
</A> (1500 yen) and
<A HREF="">Gundam Airmaster
</A> (1500 yen).

And for MG kits:
 <A HREF="">Zeta Gundam (MG)
</A> (3000 yen)

For shipping, add up the weights for the models you want, and check
<A HREF="">HLJ Shipping Costs</A> to find
out how much your total will be.


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