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> The G-3 mobile armor by Kondo...does anyone have any info on this? It
> makes a brief appearance in a short Zeta side story manga I had, but
> that's the only appearance of it I'm aware of...looks like a cross
> between the Sazabi and the Quebley...
> Mark Kai

Ahhh, the Nightingale! A really cool design! Unfortunently, all of my
information on it is in Japanese, and I don't read japanese. But, I do know
that it's number is MSN-04 II, which makes it an improved Sazabi. It's a
1/220 scale resin kit produced by KAIYODO. A really good picture of it can be
found at

ery/Nightingale/Nightingale.html">Gallery: Nightingale

and you can get it's statistics from

 <A HREF="">Gundam壞腦研究室 -

I can only find in print in my Char's Counter Attack Data Book, which I can't


PS-Who did you get your model from? I'm really interested in buy one, but I
can't seen find any.

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