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>Anybody on this list knows German?
>It happens to be that Bandai tries to put the Nazi Label on the concept of
>"Principality of Zeon".

What, the "Seig Zeon!" didn't tip you off? (^_^);;

>In the Documentary Photographs Section of the instruction Manual, shows the
>following German(?) words. I wondered what does it means.
>[MS-05] Zaku-I
>Schwarz Drei Stern
 "Black Three Star" (Black Trinary)
 "following" +
 "to attack" = pursuit
>[MS-06R1-A] Zaku-IIR1-A
>Losziehen (Lousy Hen?) (^_^)
 "move out" +
 "maintain" +
>Hohepunkt (with double-dots on top of O)
 "high point" = take the high ground

>[MS-09] Dom
>Tak Tik Feld (Tactic Field? Doh! Could it be something else?)
>Schlacht unter wald
 "strike beneath wood"
>Letzte Kampf
 "last battle"


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