Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 19:31:17 PDT

> >Well, with the 1/220 scale Orchis kit costing over $500, and being the
> >of a coffee table by the time you're finished building it, I can see way
> >Bandai will never release a Master Grade GP-03 Dendrobium. I'd still love
> >have one, though.
> >
> >SJ
>I could see it being released by B-Club as a
>display(non-articulated)version for the GP-03, much like the garage version
>of the Tread for the Legioss kit.

B-club releasing a 1/100 Dendrobium add-on kit to a MG GP-03? What
pills are you poppin'?? ;)

Mark Kai

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