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> On Wed, 7 Jul 1999 wrote:
> > There are lefties I think in the original series
> with GMs holding gun in the
> > left hand and shield in the right, there is a pic
> of it on Newtype Asylum
> > Gundam 0079 page I think. And if you look at the
> MG GM model you'll notice
> HAHAHA, you know my site better than I do myself.
> Yes you are right, we
> have a picture of a lefty 0079 GM but I have to
> check with Colin to make
> sure he didn't flip that image to make a point.
> Until we confirm it, I
> won't trouble you with the actual link itself.

You guys are correct. I didn't flip the photo at all,
and the GM is in fact holding the beam gun w/ left
hand and the shield on the right. Here's our link to
refresh your memory:

> I am a little doubtful that Tomino took the time to
> make lefty GM.
I like the lefty idea a lot, but i doubt any artist /
writers, let alone Tomino, will put forth a lefty as
main character / mecha on animation. That's because
ppl 's are pre-occupied by the orthodox 'right-hand'
idea, and using a lefty to sell your merchandise may
not go well.
Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
Shuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable's voice actor),
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
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