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two throttles, each with a button in the thumb position. There were also two
or three pedals. The core fighter had a traditional control stick that seemed
to move out of the way when in core block mode. The Zaku II, specifically
Char's S variant had what looked like two joysticks for control inputs, but I
don't remember any foot controls being shown (but they must have been there).

With this in mind, the Gundam's computer had to be pretty damn good to be able
to interpret so few signals into so many different motions. Amuro had that
machine doing hand-to-hand (mech-to-mech?) combat on a pretty regular basis, in
addition to relatively mundane tasks of flight and firing weapons.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres

Vince Leon wrote:

> The cockpit pictures I've seen seem to suggest TWO joysticks, a left and
> right, not a joystick and throttle as I had thought. So I assume one is
> for thrust and movement (much like a modern day fighter) while the other
> was for targeting and weapons selection (sort of like a joystick on a video
> game)
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