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Well, as most people who have assembled any MG Zaku II know, the cables are a
pain in the butt to put together, though it is made somewhat easier if you
anchor one end of the internal part to some styrofoam or something. Also,
another problem inherent with the MG Zaku II kits is the internal mechanism for
the monoeye...basically, it sucks. Mine jumped it's gears yet again and I just
left it as it was. You basically have to disassemble the head every time the
gears get misaligned. The last time I took the head apart to fix the gears, I
lost the little vent that went on the Zaku's "muzzle". Other than that, it's a
great kit. I like the look of the R1 variant better than the F,S,or R2
variants. The legs are beefier than the F ans S versions and I don't really
like the extra armor on the R2 variant's legs. Also, I really like the color
scheme on the Shin Matsunaga version.

My two yen,

Joaquin Torres wrote:

> What sort of problems did you encounter is I may ask? I'm about to begin
> construction on mine so I want to know the problems before hand.
> Thanks
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