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On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Dom Tetreault wrote:
> Maybe I'm trying to justify this because my concept of piloting a mobile
> suit is more of an 'at one with the pilot' thing like BattleTech's
> neurohelmets, but seems to me a pilot would naturally make a mobile suit

Now you are talking control interface. When I was watching 0079 as a kid,
I've always assumed that the MS were duplicating human motion. Therefore,
a lefty pilot would be screwed in a right-handed MS.

But all the later shows heavily emphasize that MS are controlled like a
jet fighter. There were many scenes in which a pilot is twisting the
joystick, staring at the crosshair on the display and begging the enemy to
come into the line of fire. (essentially the same scenes in Star War: A
New Hope)

I.e. all the mobility that you talk about is just that, a jet fighter
with incredible acceleration, deceleration and turning radius.

However, it's hard to imagine how a pilot fight a beam sabre battle or
good old bare knuckle fistfight with jet fighter like controls. The GML
consensus seems to be "macros", but I am not totally convinced of that. I
sweep it under the "suspension of disbelief" rug.

> (Amuro does a F-D-DF and hits Fire, and the RX-79 uppercuts a Zaku)

Yeah, that's the macros, how do you lift it out of Nintendos and put it on
a robot? I don't know.

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