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Yeah your right, a mecha can twist, turn and flip; but so can an F-16, only
pilots call it yaw, roll and pitch and those maneuvers are done with a
simple joystick and foot pedals. Also a modern day fighter pilot has to
deal with gravity and drag, and in the anime you don't really see the
effects of this so it is possible to do those graceful turns. And the idea
of 'at one with the pilot' does fit in with Battletech, but in Gundam the
mecha were just military machines much like a modern day pilot and his

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Well, yeah, but why do you think they call it a mobile suit? {g} It's not
just constantly going in a straight line like an F-16 does, it can twist
and turn around any way it pleases. Not to mention a mobile suit's main
weaponry is usually handheld, which means it can be either left or right.
 Maybe I'm trying to justify this because my concept of piloting a mobile
suit is more of an 'at one with the pilot' thing like BattleTech's
neurohelmets, but seems to me a pilot would naturally make a mobile suit
move like he moves himself. It's a humanoid vehicle, after all... I can't
imagine a mobile suit being piloted so gracefully by merely using a
joystick and buttons. Not exactly a fighting game...
(Amuro does a F-D-DF and hits Fire, and the RX-79 uppercuts a Zaku)

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