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> Ya, wouldn't that be sort of like F-16 pilots? Their sticks are on
> one
> side, not between the legs like most jets. I don't think they make
> special
> cockpit layouts for lefties. And their gun fires from the right
> side of
> the plane. Shouldn't matter if the pilot is right handed or not, he
> would
> be trained to operate the weapons in the positions they were
> originally
> designed for.

Well, yeah, but why do you think they call it a mobile suit? {g} It's not
just constantly going in a straight line like an F-16 does, it can twist
and turn around any way it pleases. Not to mention a mobile suit's main
weaponry is usually handheld, which means it can be either left or right.
Maybe I'm trying to justify this because my concept of piloting a mobile
suit is more of an 'at one with the pilot' thing like BattleTech's
neurohelmets, but seems to me a pilot would naturally make a mobile suit
move like he moves himself. It's a humanoid vehicle, after all... I can't
imagine a mobile suit being piloted so gracefully by merely using a
joystick and buttons. Not exactly a fighting game...

(Amuro does a F-D-DF and hits Fire, and the RX-79 uppercuts a Zaku)

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