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> Ive noticed that most Gundam/GM's seem to be right handed with the
> shield in the left and the gun in the right. So am i to figure that all
> the gundam pilots are right handed? Surely thats not the case. I figure
> if I was a lefty I would certainly want the gun in my left hand and the
> shield in the other, just to be. I have seen alot of the Gundam world
> and have yet to see a lefty suit. Any comments?
> metareyes

Just because a pilot is a lefty, don't the mean the Suit is also a lefty. All
Mobile Suits and Armors use macros to allow its pilot to guide what the
computer is already doing. MSs don't really need a pilot, they just need
someone to tell it what target to hit, what to hit the target with, and when
to get out of the way of an incoming attack. Now don't get me wrong, a really
good pilot could easily get an MS to fly circles around it target, never
getting hit, and never missing a shot. In this case, its a pilot that knows
what the MS can do, and knows how to get the MS to do it. Which is why we see
so many kids piloting MSs just as well as trained pilots, if maybe not quite
as effectively. One could say the Amuro's video game experience help him be
one of the best MS pilots ever. So, in the case of lefties vs righties, in
the end it's just the Suit's weapon layout, not the pilot.


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