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> Subject: RE: [gundam] right handed characters
> Are you sure the cell was just not flipped over. Of course there are left
> handed pilots but I don't really think that matters as to which hand the
> mecha will use. The way a Gundam/GM operates, all you're doing is flipping
> a switch, pressing a button, or moving the joystick; and the computer
> interprets those actions into the movements that you see on the screen.

Ya, wouldn't that be sort of like F-16 pilots? Their sticks are on one
side, not between the legs like most jets. I don't think they make special
cockpit layouts for lefties. And their gun fires from the right side of
the plane. Shouldn't matter if the pilot is right handed or not, he would
be trained to operate the weapons in the positions they were originally
designed for.


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