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Are you sure the cell was just not flipped over. Of course there are left
handed pilots but I don't really think that matters as to which hand the
mecha will use. The way a Gundam/GM operates, all you're doing is flipping
a switch, pressing a button, or moving the joystick; and the computer
interprets those actions into the movements that you see on the screen.

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> Ive noticed that most Gundam/GM's seem to be right handed with the
> shield in the left and the gun in the right. So am i to figure that all
> the gundam pilots are right handed? Surely thats not the case. I figure
> if I was a lefty I would certainly want the gun in my left hand and the
> shield in the other, just to be. I have seen alot of the Gundam world
> and have yet to see a lefty suit. Any comments?

There are lefties I think in the original series with GMs holding gun in
left hand and shield in the right, there is a pic of it on Newtype Asylum
Gundam 0079 page I think. And if you look at the MG GM model you'll notice
the Beam saber is stored on the left side instead of the right, which is
another indication of the left handness of GMs.

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