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> Ive noticed that most Gundam/GM's seem to be right handed with the
> shield in the left and the gun in the right. So am i to figure that
> all
> the gundam pilots are right handed? Surely thats not the case. I
> figure
> if I was a lefty I would certainly want the gun in my left hand and
> the
> shield in the other, just to be. I have seen alot of the Gundam
> world
> and have yet to see a lefty suit. Any comments?

Yeah! I'm a lefty and I want to make all my models lefties too, but with
the 1/144 kits that come with the molded hands, I can't make 'em that
way. My longrifle-toting GM has to fire it with his right hand. Booo. At
least with the 1/100's I can manipulate the fingers.

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