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Wed, 7 Jul 99 12:17:53 -0800

>Well, in later volumes Sho almost disappears from the scene and all the
>becomes more decentralized. Agito becomes the major player in the
>resistance group aganist Chronos.
>Then the concept isn't that a prototype/discovered weapon is stolen by
>the hero. The idea is that a weapon change hands, it's only a device
>that can be used for good or ill. In Kotetsu Jeeg it's Hiroshi father
>that steals the "Bronze Bell" from the Yamatai people and later implants
>it in the boy transforming him in the head of the magnetic robot. More
>often the good scientist stole the technology from his enemies to built
>the new robot.

Wow, Iv'e only got the rirst couple volumes,1-4. I'm hoping to get the
rest as soon as my local comic shop will order them. Does the series end
all right?

    - Ranma Saotome

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